Supes On… the Afterlife!

Supermans Red and Blue meet in our backyard the way it used to be to ponder the afterlife! Ding-a-ling-a-ling! Supes On!

Supes On... the Afterlife!

I hope Batman’s not so mean after he dies.

An Overdue Introduction

An overdue introduction

I was wondering, do you have my penis in hard copy? I checked your rack, but I couldn’t find it. Think I could get an interlibrary moan?

Supes On… Sexual Harassment!

In this new weekly series, Supermans Red and Blue meet in our backyard the way it used to be to discuss the big issues! Get your buns ready, because Supes On!

Supes On... Sexual Harassment!

How stupid of me was it to use white for my “green” screen? Answer: 80%. Cutting out those electricities is really tedious. I think next time I’ll never do it again!

It’s Ho-Ho-Halloween!

I needed something for Halloween, so I barfed up this shitty comic. There’s no joke, I don’t think it makes sense, and the balloon tails are inconsistent. I hate it. Happy Halloween! I’m gonna kill you!

(BTW, that’s an open door between them.)

Hal's Bag

Somehow, the original ending was even less interesting—check it out:

SUP: Do you want a regular paper bag?
HAL: {sob} Uhh… I guess. {sniff}
SUP: … Do you want to just have some candy?
HAL: Yeah.

Note that again I make a comic that doesn’t work in continuity; Hal hasn’t been vulnerable to yellow since he came back, and Superman moved in with us while Hal was dead.

And I put some crappy slime or something on our header. Hope it didn’t scare you! Ahh!!


Data is coping with the loss of a colleague.


Who do you think he means by “we”?

Hal Jordan and Star Sapphire: Getting Desperate

Hal comes off a bit judgmental in this one. I think a woman’s body is a right to choose.

Star Sapphire's Getting Desperate

Sorry about the lack of shadows. You’d be surprised (or maybe you wouldn’t) how often these guys cast shadows that look like penises. Or at least that remind me of penises.

If the last panel didn’t mean anything to you (but you want it to), The Absorbascon will help you out.