Blog Action Day: The Environment

Today is Blog Action Day, which is a day when all the bloggers in the world post about a certain topic to raise awareness. Today’s topic is “the environment”. I don’t really think B.A.D. will actually accomplish anything, but there’s not really any harm in it, so here we go:

Right now I am sitting at my desk (which is actually a table) surrounded by my stuff. I have action figures and my computer and my bottle of water and some books. The floor is carpeted, but it’s kind of crappy carpet. The walls are white, but there are a bunch of holes and chips in the paint, and scuff marks too. The person who lived here before me wasn’t all that careful with the walls, but neither am I, so whatever. Umm… outside it’s kind of overcast, which I like. As for thinking towards a better future, I’m pretty happy with the way things are, but I do usually have some dirty clothes on the floor that I should find a way to deal with. Maybe if I used my dresser for clothes instead of other stuff! But then I’d have to find a place to put that stuff, so I’m kind of in a rock and hard place here.

So yeah. That’s it I guess.  I hope I’ve done my part, whatever it is.