Deep Blue Worthless Post. Zero Points.

The wikipedia entry for the song “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” by Deep Blue Something is funny to me. I mean, I think it is a reasonable entry, but funny anyway. It’s pretty much just a simple explanation of the songs lyrics. Good times.

Also, I found a funny picture. This picture might not show up because I don’t know how to use computers or the internet, and I might be doing something against the law by posting it here.

[edit: image removed by God]

I’m a director now!

I learned how to edit video!

Halloween Trix

That time of year.

Look! Part III: State of Shock

Kris As a Person His Age
(My Impression of Myself)

I put pictures of other members of my family here.

Look! Part II: Lookin’ Good




Three Cheers for this Blog!

I am speaking to you all today to inform you that this blog is working out very well for me. Now I remember to watch Frisky Dingo and Metalocolypse every week! I also have a place to show off my new favorite hobby– Pen Spinning! Interested in cars? Now you can look up cars on the interwebs!

Zero points.

Check Out My Pen(i)Spinning!

URGENT: Important Camp Nowhere myspace group information!!!

New Camp Nowhere weekly newsletter!

I won’t always post here with Camp Nowhere group updates, but I’m just tryin’ to get the Camp Nowhere juices flowing, if you know what I mean.

Also, is this wordpress thing sorta new? I feel like it’s a little bit different each time I’m here. Also, one of these days I’m gonna get good at the thing Kris does where he has a word as a link. Then I could be like, “New Camp Nowhere weekly newsletter,” but “newsletter” would be a link to the newsletter.

Also…2 1/2 points, maybe?

Also, notice my new, non-accidental use of tags.


Testingicles, one two one two… is this thing on? Um… I posted another dum comic on flickr. This one is dumber.

I know this isn’t meant for just typing nosense and being lame, but I wanted to try it out and I have nothing to link to, and I have nothing to say.

What do you guys think? Let’s get a big discussion going for this thread!