Jeopardy on Wii is fun. Ariel and I have probably played around 8 games and we haven’t had any repeats yet. There are lots of settings that can be changed, including difficulty, response time, signature, response method and sound. Also, you can play with your Mii character and dress them up some. My guy has a guitar on his shirt. Alex’s mouth doesn’t really line up with what he is saying though.

On similar terms, I watched the first 20 minutes of Dirty Harry and plan on watching the rest soon. It was good.

I watched Batman Forever today while doing homework and remembered it exactly as I thought I would remember it. The part where Robin gets pissed as Batman and starts hitting him crappily is weird.

– Phart

Tron Meets 40 minutes of Lenny + Bonus’ses

I saw Tron: Legacy and as Kris already knows I liked it. I want to get the soundtrack and listen to it. I got excited whenever they jumped “into” the light cycles or light jets. I tried it with my wiener and I ended up hurting my wiener.

In conclusion, I watched the first 38 minutes of Lenny, and was a little bored. Dustin Hoffman gave his best performance since Hook, but accidentally filmed Lenny about 20 years earlier.

Tron: Legacy – 4/5 stars
First 38 minutes of Lenny – 2.5/5

Alex is anti-illegal

Check this ish** out.

Dirty Bible Riddle

What’s Onan’s favorite spice?

Ground Cumin

I came up with this when I saw some ground cumin.

Legend of (the) POG: The Remake?

Legend of the POG DVD cover

Well. That looks… different. It’s going direct-to-DVD, which isn’t surprising. Doesn’t look like there’s going to be a VHS version. Here’s the synopsis from Lionsgate (via

When a 2000-year old mummified murder victim – a Pog Body – is inadvertently disturbed, he rises from the dead. Mummified for retribution and trapped for eternity, his body is unable to decay and his soul is unable to reach heaven or hell. As this Pog Body returns to life, he wreaks havoc on a local group of strangers who unwittingly share a guilty secret. Alone in the dark, they are met with misfortune as this mysterious victim seeks vengeance on their dark past.

Looks like they’re doing an “Evil Dead 2” sequel/remake thing. The “Pog Body” is obviously Burp, except now he’s traveled to the future as a mummy rather than via the (admittedly cheesy) time portal of the original. It seems they’ve played pretty loose with the rest of the characters (they went too young with Eddy, IMO, and did they combine the Smedleys?!?), but I’ll try to withhold judgment until I’ve seen more. Gotta say I’m pretty happy with Vinnie Jones as Herbie, though. Wouldn’t have thought of it in a million years, but it works!

<strong>L:</strong> Vinnie <strong>R:</strong> Herbie... or is it the other way around?

L: Vinnie R: Herbie... or is it the other way around?

The trailer is embedded below. Check out 1:06 for a scene that I think will make Tor/Smedley ‘shippers pretty happy! (BTW, the “original” title you’ll see in the trailer was “Pog Bodies” (ech!) but they thankfully came to their senses and came back to the (almost) original “Legend of the POG”.)

Anyway, June 9th, 2009—mark your calendars! The comments are open—what do you think?

Presidential Protuberance

In the fourth episode of The Super Milk Chan Show (“The Return of the Young Master from the Planet”), the President (definitely) is abducted by aliens and cloned as a food supply. Why should you care? Because they show him naked. Here’s my question:

Is that a penis or a belly button?

If you think it's a nose, then where's the mouth?

If you think it's a nose, then where's the mouth?

Stand up for your beliefs, and VOTE!

I’m not sure why, but I made it so you can vote for more than one. If you think it’s something else, post it in the comments, because I’m pretty sure all the options in the poll are wrong.


beyond good and evil!

I am disappointed in us.  I thought we could keep a fair and balanced mindset through this election, but unfortunately the voters went to the polls with an obvious bias toward the better candidate.  Where is the level playing field?  Where is the bipartisanship?  This is not fairness, Amerikkka.  A person’s chance at the presidency should not be effected by his political beliefs.  That is PREJUDICE.

Voting is beyond good and evil. Election Day should be about feeling good about yourself for being right about things you don’t understand, not about picking favorites. I think we owe John McCain an apology. This was an important race, and it deserved to be decided by statistical error or divine intervention like when I was a kid.

A Day in the Death #4

Trinity #6

The wait is over! BUT, and I have a big BUTT, it sucks and it doesn’t make sense. And I think I’ll link to it wrong.

Thanks for saving Earth Silver Surfer…almost

You been Fic Fac’t!

FIC FAC’T: Jesus Christ created DRM as a concession to the Native Americans.

WoW Temptations.

God dammit the WoW figures are awesome. Dammit.

Zero points.