Willow: A Review.

Totally pretty good. At the end when everything gets all sweaty and bloody and weird it still weirds me out. It also weirds me out every time Willow tries to magically shape shift that sorcerer woman back into a human. And when all the warriors get turned into pigs. And when Mad Martigan steps in troll poo. Every part of the movie kinda weirds me out a little.

Here are a list of ways that it is like The Lord of the Rings:

I mean here IS a list:

A tiny person from an isolated village full of tiny people who just like to dance and eat and gossip is the main character.

The good guys are trying to bring something somewhere, and at the same time the bad guys are trying to bring it to pretty much the same place.

That might be about it.

Warwick Davis was 18 when he made the movie.

A Day in the Death #4

Trinity #6

The wait is over! BUT, and I have a big BUTT, it sucks and it doesn’t make sense. And I think I’ll link to it wrong.

WoW Temptations.

God dammit the WoW figures are awesome. Dammit.

Zero points.

Deep Blue Worthless Post. Zero Points.

The wikipedia entry for the song “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” by Deep Blue Something is funny to me. I mean, I think it is a reasonable entry, but funny anyway. It’s pretty much just a simple explanation of the songs lyrics. Good times.

Also, I found a funny picture. This picture might not show up because I don’t know how to use computers or the internet, and I might be doing something against the law by posting it here.

[edit: image removed by God]

I’m a director now!

I learned how to edit video!

Halloween Trix

That time of year.

Look! Part II: Lookin’ Good


Stert Does a Movie Review: Rockin’ Mother Goose

Remember when you were a child? Remember? Now think back to being a child. Remember watching TV as a child? Think back to the TV you watched as a child. Did you watch Rockin’ Mother Goose? Maybe? You can’t remember? Oh. Here’s a review.

I watched this a long time ago, and then I watched it the other day on youtube.com. Here it is: http://youtube.com/watch?v=naIGGZf1TdY

This movie is terrifiying and PACKED FULL of sex jokes. Like every other line for the first half hour is a sex pun/joke/in-your-end-o. And it comes pretty close to feeling like my bad dreams feel. Like, maybe my bad dreams are the way they are BECAUSE of this movie (The reason I use all caps is cause I don’t want to take the time to figure out how to use italics).

The casting is the only thing that is good about the movie. Stand-out performances include Woody Harrelson as Mary’s little lamb. The guy from nightcourt is also very weird to watch as Peter Piper. And I wonder if Little Richard knew he was making a movie.

4/10 starts.



Movie Theater Review: AMC Loews Boston Common 19!!!

This movie theater is pretty nice. It has 19 screens and always play the latest and greatest hit movies from around the globe! The main problem I have with it is that the people working here are bitches and cunts. And fags. They are mean. I bought popcorn and after the lady gave me my popcorn I said, “thank you,” and she didn’t say anything or even look at me. I also got a small soda, and the guy was like, “you sure that’s gonna be enough?” like he was calling me fat or something. I hate them. The main thing I like about the theater is they have old movie posters everywhere and thy picked pretty good movies, like Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Aladdin, Forrest Gump, Singin in the Rain, The Rock, and stuff like that.

This is boring to type.

3 points!

Three Cheers for this Blog!

I am speaking to you all today to inform you that this blog is working out very well for me. Now I remember to watch Frisky Dingo and Metalocolypse every week! I also have a place to show off my new favorite hobby– Pen Spinning! Interested in cars? Now you can look up cars on the interwebs!

Zero points.