Jeopardy on Wii is fun. Ariel and I have probably played around 8 games and we haven’t had any repeats yet. There are lots of settings that can be changed, including difficulty, response time, signature, response method and sound. Also, you can play with your Mii character and dress them up some. My guy has a guitar on his shirt. Alex’s mouth doesn’t really line up with what he is saying though.

On similar terms, I watched the first 20 minutes of Dirty Harry and plan on watching the rest soon. It was good.

I watched Batman Forever today while doing homework and remembered it exactly as I thought I would remember it. The part where Robin gets pissed as Batman and starts hitting him crappily is weird.

– Phart

Tron Meets 40 minutes of Lenny + Bonus’ses

I saw Tron: Legacy and as Kris already knows I liked it. I want to get the soundtrack and listen to it. I got excited whenever they jumped “into” the light cycles or light jets. I tried it with my wiener and I ended up hurting my wiener.

In conclusion, I watched the first 38 minutes of Lenny, and was a little bored. Dustin Hoffman gave his best performance since Hook, but accidentally filmed Lenny about 20 years earlier.

Tron: Legacy – 4/5 stars
First 38 minutes of Lenny – 2.5/5

30 Words or More

A few hours ago I saw the movie 30 Minutes or Less and I don’t think they should have named it that. Or the title is more clever than I am.

So overall, I give the movie 3/4 stars. I liked it, but it wasn’t important or original. But it was funny and made me laugh a few times. And the theater had really comfortable chairs. But the popcorn was too salty.

So overall, I give the theater 3/4 stars. I liked the seats, but not the popcorn.

Cowboys and Aliens

should have been better. There are a lot of bad parts I want to point out, but you guys might see it sometime.

1.5/4 stars

So to summarize, I give it 1.5/4 stars.

Alien Cow [Image un-embedded by the management because Reno doesn’t want to anger people. Embedding stuff from somebody else’s server is rude because it uses their bandwidth for your stuff. You can upload pictures to WordPress, though! Also, his name is Cad Bane, not “Alien Cow”. Haven’t you seen everything ever made that has to do with Star Wars?]

Alex is anti-illegal

Check this ish** out.

Terri, the movie.

SPOILER ALERT!!  This review might alert some spoilers.

I saw the movie Terri today, starring the famous John C. Reily and the not famous other people.  First of all, before we get to the movie review, I should review the theat(re) I saw it in.  The California is a Landmark theater and I got a $2 discount because I have a SJSU ID card.  The popcorn is not made with peanut oil and the medium was too big for my face.  I liked the place.

Terri was anyway from ok to good.  I’m not sure what I think yet.  John(ny) C (B) Reily(Good) was really good, and the main kid was good.  Tim Heidecker was in one scene and was either good or I can’t tell because I can’t tell.

At the end of the movie I thought ‘yeah.’  There was a long scene near the end that made me slightly uncomfortable, but ended with me thinking ‘huh.’

At the moment I give it 3/5 stars.  Good because John C Reily, Creed Bratton and Jacob Wysocki were good.  Eh because it felt like it was the intro to a movie to me.

Next time – something else.

Thanks for saving Earth Silver Surfer…almost