Jeopardy on Wii is fun. Ariel and I have probably played around 8 games and we haven’t had any repeats yet. There are lots of settings that can be changed, including difficulty, response time, signature, response method and sound. Also, you can play with your Mii character and dress them up some. My guy has a guitar on his shirt. Alex’s mouth doesn’t really line up with what he is saying though.

On similar terms, I watched the first 20 minutes of Dirty Harry and plan on watching the rest soon. It was good.

I watched Batman Forever today while doing homework and remembered it exactly as I thought I would remember it. The part where Robin gets pissed as Batman and starts hitting him crappily is weird.

– Phart

One Response to Jeopardwii

  1. Renophaston says:

    What is… TMI? Jeez, get a room, you and your Wii.

    (P.S. I want to play this.)

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