Tron Meets 40 minutes of Lenny + Bonus’ses

I saw Tron: Legacy and as Kris already knows I liked it. I want to get the soundtrack and listen to it. I got excited whenever they jumped “into” the light cycles or light jets. I tried it with my wiener and I ended up hurting my wiener.

In conclusion, I watched the first 38 minutes of Lenny, and was a little bored. Dustin Hoffman gave his best performance since Hook, but accidentally filmed Lenny about 20 years earlier.

Tron: Legacy – 4/5 stars
First 38 minutes of Lenny – 2.5/5

One Response to Tron Meets 40 minutes of Lenny + Bonus’ses

  1. Renophaston says:

    I want to respond to this, but I can’t think of anything to say yet. Your picture of Cat-Leia looks Italian.

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