Willow: A Review.

Totally pretty good. At the end when everything gets all sweaty and bloody and weird it still weirds me out. It also weirds me out every time Willow tries to magically shape shift that sorcerer woman back into a human. And when all the warriors get turned into pigs. And when Mad Martigan steps in troll poo. Every part of the movie kinda weirds me out a little.

Here are a list of ways that it is like The Lord of the Rings:

I mean here IS a list:

A tiny person from an isolated village full of tiny people who just like to dance and eat and gossip is the main character.

The good guys are trying to bring something somewhere, and at the same time the bad guys are trying to bring it to pretty much the same place.

That might be about it.

Warwick Davis was 18 when he made the movie.

3 Responses to Willow: A Review.

  1. stert says:

    My posts will get better as we go. I just wanted to get the balls rolling before bedtime.

  2. Renophaston says:

    I keep thinking I don’t really like this movie, but I think I do–I just don’t ever want to watch it again. It’s like a cake made completely out of frosting, and the frosting tastes a little like pee and mud.

    Also: you can actually make lists and stuff rather than just putting empty lines between things. I’m going to add a title to this post.

  3. I think the pigs part used to scare me. I wonder if it still does. Did you know that Val Kilmer was Warwick Davis’ stunt double during the action scenes where Warwick Davis was Val Kilmer’s stunt double?

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