Take a stand for non-violent marriage!

In the spirit of Rick Warren bravely admitting that he doesn’t think marriage should include incest, I am also going to take a stand:

I am against redefining marriage to include tax fraud and arson.

If people could use “marriage” as an excuse to blow up buildings, then what’s keeping you from blowing your dad? Not the government. Not “self-restraint”. Certainly not THE JEWS. But that’s just the beginning—the next thing you know, your college degree is worthless and the price of gas changes. Wake up, DUMerica. It’s time for actionjust look at the stock market!

As the late hunger enthusiast Mohandas Gandhi said, “Аз не съм свободен, освен ако другите са роби.” (“I am not free, but that others are bound.”) A people is only as free as it is oppressed. If everybody has rights, what’s so big about YOURS?

Will you join me in opposing things, or are you a fag?

EDIT: Wow! I sure voted a lot of times! But it’s still neck and tie, so it’s anybody’s draw! And keep this on for size while you’re voting: California has a history of supporting gay rights, and look where that got them—as of the last election, gays can’t even get MARRIED in California!


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Renophaston is Kris, but after another manner.

6 Responses to Take a stand for non-violent marriage!

  1. renophaston says:

    To the person who voted “I am a faggot.” and threw off the balance: Would you care to explain your position? I think I made my case pretty well in my post, and I honestly can’t see how anybody could truly be a faggot with our national deficit as big as it is—not to mention the hundreds of people starving in Africa. As it stands, I get the feeling you’re just being contrary, and this is no place for that. Shit or get out of the kitchen.

  2. Stert says:

    I chose the faggot, but I think the choices are GAY. can’t we wait until the END of a story before we judge it!?

  3. renophaston says:

    Yeah, well, if I wanted your opinion, I would have asked someone who was DUMB. Or had dicks in their butts.

    Furthermore, I’m at 254.1% on your Castlevania game. Your game has too many percents in it. DISQUALIFIED.

  4. Stert says:

    50% vs 50%! America will never decided! Reminds me of an election i remember! lol rotflmao!

  5. renophaston says:

    Honestly? I was just thinking of the same election! >;P- -|

  6. renophaston says:

    ^^ That’s me angrily winking and drooling onto the floor.

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