Possible ghost? Please refute.

Calling all ghost-hunters, UFO-perts, and necrophiliacs, and I’m serious about this.  Going through some boxes, I found this photo I made took a few years ago (January 27, 2001). Flickr has the full-size version. (Sorry about the watermark, but I don’t want people taking credit in case it’s real.)

Reel ghost proof? Choose your <em>own</em> adventure.

Reel ghost proof? Choose your own adventure.

Do you see that? On the left. Does it look like a spirit/ghost to you?  I can tell it’s not just some trick, because it doesn’t cast light on the walls.  I don’t know of anything natural that can do that.  Also, when I open the picture up in Photoshop, the spirit is on different layer than the background!  How did that happen?!? My camera (Canon Powershot S10) is too old to support layers. Was there some kind of top-secret military test going on on 1/27/2001? God I hope so. And on the left, look:

Spirit portal?

Spirit portal?

WTF, is that a spirit portal or something? This is freaking me out. And check out this closeup:

Spirit face comparison.

Spirit face comparison.

That’s a face, right? It kind of… looks like me, doesn’t it? Oh jeez…

Anyway, I made a decision a few years back to not believe in ghosts, so I’d really appreciate it if someone could explain this. Hopefully before Halloween. All the experts I’ve contacted refuse to talk to me about it. Is it a weather balloon? I don’t even know!

Sleepless in Seattle

P.S. – Please vote below, even if you don’t know the answer. A bigger sample size increases accuracy. Hint: you can vote more than once!

UPDATE: The results are in! But don’t let that stop you from voting! Remember—It’s never too late to vote!

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5 Responses to Possible ghost? Please refute.

  1. Visitor from beyond says:

    Don’t we get to see what was entered for “other”?

  2. renophaston says:

    I will make a summary post sometime in which I will weigh the pros and cons of each possibility, finally arriving at the one true answer through a process of elimination. (That means I will think about it while I’m taking a crap.)

  3. Anonymous says:

    i think i heard about these things. i don’t believe in ghosts, but it’s hard not to believe in this photo! maybe you should look for the spirit and try to talk to it.



    1+27+2001= 2029

    2+0+2+9= 13.

    You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

  4. renophaston says:

    I know! I’m having a serious crisis of conscience. And about the 13—did you know there’s a remake of Friday the 13th coming out in February… on Friday the 13th!?!? I’m not superstitious, but can’t just be a coincidence.

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