Trinity #6

The wait is over! BUT, and I have a big BUTT, it sucks and it doesn’t make sense. And I think I’ll link to it wrong.

4 Responses to Trinity #6

  1. renophaston says:

    Awww shit! Supes really stepped in it this time lol! I am literally glued to the front of my seat.

  2. renophaston says:


    Anyway, now that I’ve read it, I gotta say, this is a lot more than one pages. I especially like how I can’t tell whether you’ve incorporated the original word balloons into the narrative or not.

  3. Madame Curious says:

    So like, if I hadn’t seen this in flickr first, how would I have known that there were like 13 more pages in the Super Batman Alien comic than the one seen(scene) above? It was so much like “real” comics, that I was a little uninterested. I’m not even sure I read it in the correct order. “PASH” I liked. It’s so Stu-speak. Um, Stu wrote it, right? Gotta go. I’ve got tomatoes.

  4. renophaston says:

    So on page 8… what language is Martha Kent saying “Gasp!” in? Haha I am such a stickler!

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