Link this, week!

Quickly this week, because those guys are after me and they’re almost through the door!

Nevermind, the guys left. I was probably dreaming it anyway.

I’d write more, but Parvo cut my knife open with a hand and I bled out completely. Later, I’ll post about my experiences with XL Band-Aid™ brand band-aids!

About Renophaston
Renophaston is Kris, but after another manner.

4 Responses to Link this, week!

  1. Madame Curious says:

    Has Kiefer Sutherland’s hair ever been that color for any character ever? But I think it does look like him. Only smaller, and more rigid (SDST).

    What are you talking about with “Nevermind, the guys left. I was probably dreaming it anyway.”

    Speed Racer- looks like it could be intense and boring at the same time(for me). Are they mutually exclusive? I know I am.

  2. renophaston says:

    A) Small Deep-Space Transponder?

    B) It’s an inside joke between me and the beginning of the post.

    C) I also know you are, nudge-nudge, wink-wink! Oh wait, you’re my mom.

  3. Madame Curious says:

    1. She Didn’t Say That (Now that I’m typing it out, I guess it should have been TWSDS)

    2. That’s weak?

    3. Didn’t not want to respond to the third one.

  4. Visitor from beyond says:

    ii) I made laugh noises when I read the “Nevermind…” part, so I don’t think it was “weak”.
    iii) I wanted to not respond, but it just happened.

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