WoW Temptations.

God dammit the WoW figures are awesome. Dammit.

Zero points.

4 Responses to WoW Temptations.

  1. renophaston says:

    You are so pissed. Are they showing up at stores near you so you can see them in person? And do you want to play WoW again yet? I bet if they made a figure of your character, you would buy it.

    FYI, all these “zero point” posts you are making are actually 1- or 2-point posts.

  2. stert says:

    I’m worthless like jubilee, remember?

    yeah, the figures are at my comic shop, and they all look awesome. like some of the best figures i’ve seen. even the woman one is good (but no way am i going to get the woman one).

    the last issue of illuminati was AWESOME! i thing chueng (cheung?) is one of my favorite artsits. He might be the reason i like young avengers so much, not allen “lateberg” hienberg. i am totally pumped for secret invasion!!

  3. stert says:

    in response to your other question, not really, actually. once i realized how much f the game relies on doing stuff with other people i lost interest pretty quickly. BUT there is an expansion in the works, and my mind changes like a broken not-changing thing.

  4. renophaston says:

    I’m pissing like if you cut up a racehorse and spread it throughout the day.

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