It’s Ho-Ho-Halloween!

I needed something for Halloween, so I barfed up this shitty comic. There’s no joke, I don’t think it makes sense, and the balloon tails are inconsistent. I hate it. Happy Halloween! I’m gonna kill you!

(BTW, that’s an open door between them.)

Hal's Bag

Somehow, the original ending was even less interesting—check it out:

SUP: Do you want a regular paper bag?
HAL: {sob} Uhh… I guess. {sniff}
SUP: … Do you want to just have some candy?
HAL: Yeah.

Note that again I make a comic that doesn’t work in continuity; Hal hasn’t been vulnerable to yellow since he came back, and Superman moved in with us while Hal was dead.

And I put some crappy slime or something on our header. Hope it didn’t scare you! Ahh!!

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Renophaston is Kris, but after another manner.

6 Responses to It’s Ho-Ho-Halloween!

  1. stert says:

    I like the slime, especially because it doesn’t really look like a Halloween decoration. Just slime.

    I was cofused for a while about Hal being a woman. I was also confused about why Peanut M&Ms make holes, but then superman explained it to me. Now I think it’s clever.

    I didn’t make a halloween comic.

  2. stert says:

    Also, i think it would have been funnier if super-man knew it was halloween and just chose to dress up as superman.

  3. renophaston says:

    I thought about this when I wrote it: Clark dressing up as Superman would just be too careless and dangerous to the integrity of his secret identity. But it would be (slightly) funny. So what I did was make Hal say “Are you dressed up as yourself for Halloween again?” (emphasis mine), which leaves it up to the audience to decide whether Clark had dressed as Superman on purpose the other time, or he just uses Superman as his backup costume whenever Halloween sneaks up on him. For me, it’s the latter, but if you want, you can believe he chose to be Superman a few years back and you’d still be continuity-kosher.

  4. stert says:

    You are smart! The first time I read the comic, I was like, “I like that it is implied that he dressed up as Super-man in the passed,” but then when I commented I forgot about that. You win.

  5. stert says:

    Okay, when I said, “passed” I think i should have put “past.” sorry.

  6. renophaston says:

    I think we’ll just have to agree to agree about that.

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