Stert Does a Movie Review: Rockin’ Mother Goose

Remember when you were a child? Remember? Now think back to being a child. Remember watching TV as a child? Think back to the TV you watched as a child. Did you watch Rockin’ Mother Goose? Maybe? You can’t remember? Oh. Here’s a review.

I watched this a long time ago, and then I watched it the other day on Here it is:

This movie is terrifiying and PACKED FULL of sex jokes. Like every other line for the first half hour is a sex pun/joke/in-your-end-o. And it comes pretty close to feeling like my bad dreams feel. Like, maybe my bad dreams are the way they are BECAUSE of this movie (The reason I use all caps is cause I don’t want to take the time to figure out how to use italics).

The casting is the only thing that is good about the movie. Stand-out performances include Woody Harrelson as Mary’s little lamb. The guy from nightcourt is also very weird to watch as Peter Piper. And I wonder if Little Richard knew he was making a movie.

4/10 starts.

3 Responses to Stert Does a Movie Review: Rockin’ Mother Goose

  1. stert says:

    I got the title wrong. It is “Rock ‘n’ Rhymeland.”

  2. renophaston says:

    I would have bet you $9.75 it was “Rockin’ Mother Goose”. Especially because it fits with the sex motif. I didn’t feel like watching it, but I watched some of it anyway. I thought Paul Simon was in it and he is.

  3. stert says:

    Paul Simon and Woody are the only two people who actually do a seriously good job.

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