This Week in Kris: LINKS!

And just because this stuff continues to amuse me: someone got here by searching for “spirits of lemon plumbing“. We are currently Google search result #1 for that query, but I don’t think we have any information about it.

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Renophaston is Kris, but after another manner.

4 Responses to This Week in Kris: LINKS!

  1. Madame Curious says:

    Thanks for the VH link. First it sounded like you could hear the next band tuning up, then like a bunch of bagpipers trying to play along. Not funny, though, because it made me uncomfortable because I like Vintage VH. Big mic!

  2. Madame Curious says:

    I didn’t know any of the Video games those Legos were supposedly trying to represent, but I WAS impressed by how many Lego people they had. All Caucasians. I have a Princess Leia action figure holding a gun. And a Freddy Mercury doll that just stands there. And Cartman(with disposable hands, alien anal probe and cat). And Chino (from Deftones). And a miniatiure blow-up Bozo punching bag.

  3. renophaston says:

    Oh, you! You don’t know Duck Hunt? You don’t know Mortal Kombat? Contra? Somebody’s a lying mother. I think it’s you.

  4. stert says:

    I don’t think she knows Contra, and I would believe that she doesn’t remember Mortal Kombat, but yeah– Duck Hunt?! Come on!

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