Data is coping with the loss of a colleague.


Who do you think he means by “we”?

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Renophaston is Kris, but after another manner.

4 Responses to Coping

  1. stert says:

    I can’t believe how good at drawing you are getting!!!

    Is this pre-Nemesis or post? I don’t think pre-nemesis data is that retarded.

    And I don’t think you were on the enterprise pre-nemesis, either. But i haven’t seen all of insurection and i haven’t read the books, so nevermind.

  2. stert says:

    and also, you look like a movie star.,

  3. renophaston says:

    Obviously post-Nemesis since Riker is gone, and obviously pre-Nemesis because Data isn’t dead.

    Interestingly, it’s also pre-First Contact, because that’s the Enterprise D.

    (The other TNG figure I have is Riker, which I think would have been worse.)

  4. Madame Curious says:

    I really like this um, what do you call it? comic? I love how it looks but mostly I love it because I get it! But then I don’t get what the commentors are talking about. Maybe I should watch all the movies twice? (After I watch them.)
    PS That guy and Data are very similar, huh?

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