Bothering Stuart Stert with Spiders

Two of this spider was in our pool I guess? Ants are eating it. Mom said its “ball” used to be bigger. I am inclined to believe her.

The Cost of Dying

Together Forever

Viewing larger images will increase the apparent size. The dime is there for scale, but if you can come up with more entertaining reasons for its presence, you’re welcome to them.

About Renophaston
Renophaston is Kris, but after another manner.

4 Responses to Bothering Stuart Stert with Spiders

  1. ledbelly says:


  2. stert says:

    i have a fake half sized penny in my closet with my magic stuff. you should have used that and made me kill myself out of fear.

  3. Madame Curious says:

    How did you get the spider to stand still long enough to take the picture?

  4. renophaston says:

    You know I had a problem with that. My whole first “roll” came out blurry. Stop trying to make me feel bad about myself.

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