Three Cheers for this Blog!

I am speaking to you all today to inform you that this blog is working out very well for me. Now I remember to watch Frisky Dingo and Metalocolypse every week! I also have a place to show off my new favorite hobby– Pen Spinning! Interested in cars? Now you can look up cars on the interwebs!

Zero points.

4 Responses to Three Cheers for this Blog!

  1. renophaston says:

    I think my favorite thing about cars is how fast they can go. Sometimes when I am in a boat, I wish I was in a car. You can go faster in a car than you can in a boat. The only thing that’s faster than a car is a jet, which I probably like better than a car anyway.

  2. renophaston says:

    Speaking of this blog, people have come here by searching for:

    September 2007 Rap Songs
    rap 2007 september
    new rap songs september 2007
    paper band-aid
    preposition rap
    waterproof band aids
    mArvel zombies

    I kind of feel bad for all of these people. Except the one who searched for “preposition rap”. I imagine he might have found what he was looking for. (OR: I imagine he might have found that for which he had been looking.)

  3. Madame Curious says:

    Is this dumb? I say yes. But I’m trying to do my part. Is that really necessary- I say no. The way I see it, if I just keep writing stuff, my ascared will go away and maybe good quality stuff will emerge. Yeah, I doubt it too, but doubt makes the world go round. [Interesting: When I typed that last sentence, I accidentally(or was it?!) wrote the word “wrong” instead of “round.” I repeat: Interesting.]
    Thanks for listening,

    In honor of national drug abuse week, I laid in bed this morning and pondered the following:

    What’s the best container for growing marijuana?

    What does a old pusher use to steady himself?

    Why won’t the parents of the left side of the heroin addict’s arm not let “him” go out with the right side of the arm?

    Because it’s from the wrong side of the tracks.

    Why do they call it dope?
    Because it’s dope. (Double point answer.)

  4. renophaston says:

    I’m just doing this to make you look good:

    Q: How does Wonder Woman make people relax?
    A: She uses Heroin.

    Q: Who do I bet Spider-man won’t be married to for very much longer?
    A: Marijuana Watson-Parker.

    Q: What time-obsessed religion causes flashbacks?
    A: The Church of Latter-Saints’ Days.

    Q: What gas makes you laugh?
    A: Nitrous oxide does it, for one.

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