Waterproof Band-Aid™ brand band-aids

So I tried this waterproof Band-Aid™ today because we have some, and I’ve got a paper cut on my finger. I was really impressed, actually. All day, it was pretty freakin’ waterproof, and it didn’t come off. But I figured I aught to let my skin “air out” tonight, and when I took off the band-aid, it pulled off some of my skin from an area completely unrelated to my paper cut, and now it’s bleeding. Everywhere. I’m typing strangely so that I don’t get blood on the keyboard from the injury I sustained from a Band-Aid™ brand band-aid. It was like when you accidentally get tape stuck on the wrong part of a piece of paper and you try to pull it off and it totally destroys the paper (and the tape) and you start crying and yelling and panicking. Except with more blood. Think if paper bled and screamed—that’s me; I’m doing that now.

Also—Stert, you gotta explain the Hellcat story from Marvel Comics Presents to me, because I got completely lost. I could explain the Spider-man one to you in exchange, since I totally figured that one out.

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2 Responses to Waterproof Band-Aid™ brand band-aids

  1. stert says:

    Um… spoiler alert–ever heard of it?

    I haven’t read MCP yet. But now I know Hellcat is in it or something. Is hellcat a character? I know nothing. Now you’ve got me all confused! Antman #12 was good, by the way. I’m glad i got it because it was good, it pretty much filled me in on the stuff i missed in the last 6 issues, and it sorta leads into slott’s avenger initiative cause antman is going to go train with the initiative guys. it seems like it turned out pretty well as a 12 issue mini. like i always say, i wish they had more maxi-but not quite ongoing series at marvel.

    Good job with the band-aid. i think that’s a solid 3 points, and not a penny more.

  2. YOOURLOVE. says:

    i think that though even though the band aid is pretty much supposed to help you…
    i wonder if it ever improved the band aids.
    i’m doing a science project on the stickiness of band aids underwater.

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