Buffy and Angel have a stressed relationship

All-New Characters! All-New Story! All-New Fireplace!

For those of you who don’t know, that’s Buffy the vampire slayer on our left, and Angel the SPOILER ALERT FOR BUFFY SEASON 1! vampire END SPOILERS on our right. And as I mentioned on flickr, Angel is in the shadow!! Don’t tell me he should be burning up. This comic takes place during Season 1, between the episodes “Nightmares” and “Out of Mind, Out of Sight”.

Buffy and Angel have a stressed relationship

A vampire and the slayer in love—O, cruel fate!

No spoilers past Ep. 3×10 in the comments, ’cause MMO isn’t caught up!

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4 Responses to Buffy and Angel have a stressed relationship

  1. renophaston says:

    Yeah, so maybe it looks like Buffy’s totally taller than Angel. Her hair totally makes her look taller than she is, and she’s closer to the camera. Also, the room is an Ames room, shaped like a trapezoid, so it’s misleading.

  2. stert says:

    firstly, does angel come with an extra head?

    secondly, i think you did better with the green screen on this one. i think it’s becasue we can’t see their feet and that somehow makes it look more like they are in the room.

    thirdly, i have a comment for buffy: don’t quit your day job!

  3. renophaston says:

    Onest: He has one head that has another face under his hair, so I can take his hair off, turn his head around, replace the hair, and he’ll pass for human.

    Twond: I think I did worse, because you can see more of a white halo around them. But I did make it so Angel was behind the couch, which is pretty fantastic.

    Threerd: Seriously, right? I mean, who is she kidding? I think Angel’s answer makes more sense.

  4. stert says:

    i noticed the white outline, but it doesn’t look bad, it just looks. and also, i think angel is a good actor phyiscal, or at least better than batman.

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